What is the AIM?

The AIM token is the exclusive form of payment for the proprietary Aimedis Bockchain: The AIM may e.g. be used to pay for consultations, services and recipes, live and in real time, from within the system.

Further fields of application result from cooperations with the pharmaceutical industry - patients can, for example, make their patient data accessible anonymously, and for a fee, to pharmaceutical companies for research purposes. By paying for the use of this data via AIM, the patient's identity is guaranteed to remain secret, increasing the willingness to anonymously participate in such investigations.

What will the AIM be used for?

  1. The AIM will be deployed to pay discounts on services within the platform and drugs in the AIMedisafe Backed Online Pharmacy.

    Hospitals and nurses can offer and sell medical services such as video consultations, viedo chats, appointments, therapies, recipes and more services at a reduced price through the platform.

    Patients can use the platform to purchase services that are not covered by their insurance company at a reduced price.

    Insurance companies can offer discounted rates for insured patients within the platform.

    All participants can receive drugs/medicines through the AIMedisafe Backed Online Pharmacy, which are sold at a reduced price when paid with AIM.

  2. The AIM is also used to reward authors of meaningful content on the AIMsocial Medical Social Network:
    Patients can freely interact within the social media network: When a patient uploads useful content such as videos / text / images / content or creates and runs an Aimedis support group, other patients can upvote those actions, or reward that patient directly with AIMs for their efforts and content.

  3. Researchers can pay patients to participate in studies with the AIM.

  4. The AIM allows all Aimedis platform users to contribute directly to content creators through Upvote + for high quality content

  5. The AIM will also be tradable on 5 September 2018 via centralized and decentralized crypto exchanges!

How much does an AIM token cost in the ICO?

The issue price of the AIM is $ 0.12 per AIM token. In addition, you will get a 20% Main Sale bonus, as well as a BRIC INVEST premium of 5%.

All in all, you will, receive 1041 AIM for each investment of USD 100, only and exclusively at BRIC INVEST!

How can AIM tokens be acquired?

BRIC INVEST is entitled to offer the Tokens EXCLUSIVELY via payment in USD and EUR.

Can AIM be bought and sold in free exchange trading after the ICO?

Yes, Aimedis will list the AIM on several exchanges where the AIM is then freely tradable.