Aimedis is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) -based, blockchain- and smart-contract-supported medical ecosystem that radically changes and redesigns the way patients, doctors, hospitals, pharamcies, and pharma companies communicate with each other, and that will manipulate and shape the flow, and utilization, of the information retained within this ecosystem.

On the Aimedis platform, users will save all their medical information, health/case histories, prescriptions, X-rays, anamnesis, etc., and can share them - on a need to know basis - with chosen entities, utilizing the Aimedis rights management system.

Through Aimedis, traditional medical value chains such as drug prescription, drug supply, consultations etc., will be dematerialized and digitally mapped in the blockchain--with radical, positive effects on the effectivity, speed and cost of diagnostic, therapeutic and convalescence processes.

Thanks to Aimedis, last, but not least, misdiagnosis, wrong or multiple drug treatments, and treatment errors will be quickly, and thoroughly obliterated due to the unlimited transparency and complete documentation that is inherently provided by the Aimedis platform.

Aimedis is the new, digital, interactive and future-proof communication, cooperation, and interaction platform designed to create a better global healthcare:

What is the AIM token?

The AIM token will be issued in order to finance and support the further development and dissemination of the Aimedis platform. On the other hand, the AIM will help bring the full potential of the Aimedis platform to fruition. (read more)

Why is the AIM so interesting for investors?

There are 5 important arguments in favor of buying AIM tokens now, thus securing your share in the future success of Aimedis:

  1. Aimedis is not a "plan" or "a dream of the future": Aimedis is a live work system that is already in use in large hospital groups in Germany!

  2. In addition to recording medical information, Aimedis also offers video chat and communication with other patients and physicians, online prescriptions, online appointments, learning content, the inclusion of fitness trackers and devices such as ECG or blood pressure monitors in the system. All transactions within the system are supported and protected by the Proprietary AIMChain Blockchain!

  3. With your investment in Aimedis you not only invest in a company that is already successful in the market in Germany, Switzerland and the Netherlands - you are also financing the expansion in the emerging patient markets of Southeast Asia - with MILLIONS of potential users and corresponding revenues for all investors who have the limited AIM token!

  4. Only now and only here you will receive not only a 20% main-sale ICO-bonus, but a 5% BRIC INVEST premium on top!