eHealth Investments: Aimedis, the future of healthcare

by Alexander Schlei

Amsterdam / Prague, June 5, 2018 – Patients who do not live in the big cities know the problem from painful experience: In their village, there are hardly any general practitioners, not to mention specialist doctors. In practice, for these patients that means nothing else than that if they have a fever, depression or eczema, they need to find a doctor in the next big city on the Internet, have to make an appointment, and then in a few days - or if it has to be a specialist - in a few months, have to travel to the city to receive basic, or specialist, medical care.

So it is high time for new solutions, solutions that allow patients quick, easy, and direct interaction with a doctor, without having to schedule appointments, having to take a day off, to drive to the next city, and to find an expensive parking space: eHealth is the keyword here, the promise of modern Internet technologies like Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence and video communication, integrated in a health platform such as Aimedis. Here, patients can register for free today, upload their medical records and information, get a video-consultation from a (specialist) doctor, obtain a prescription, talk to their therapist - easily from the computer, mobile phone or tablet from home, for a small, fixed fee. And, in most countries, they will even get these costs reimbursed by their health insurance!

Because Aimedis, the eHealth portal developed and led by practicing physicians, has addressed the needs of today's patients: Aimedis allows Portal global patients today to file their medical records in on e safe and secure place, to contact specialists or therapists by online video conference (with just one click), or to renew their prescriptions and to have their drugs shipped immediately from the Aimedis online pharmacy. Also, they can meet their psychotherapist, nutritionist etc. and perform regular therapy sessions on the home computer instead of on the famous “couch” – wherever their therapist is located.

In short, Aimedis anticipates the future of healthcare - and already allows patients to access online all the medical services that do not necessarily require a physical presence. And this is just one of the platform's capabilities: With Aimedis, patients are prepared for any health problems, even on holidays - they can, for example, in the case of an acute situation, provide the doctor at their destination with their findings, history, medication, and other medical data with only one click, thus supporting quick help without extensive and expensive on-site examinations. And they can automatically and comprehensively document all health related activities and services for settlement with their domestic health care plan-providers.

And this is not a dream of the future: Every patient globally can register for free today with Aimedis and take advantage of most of these services immediately. Several larger hospital operators, thousands of physicians and therapists, and tens of thousands of patients in Germany are already using Aimedis, utilizing secure and anonymous online filing and sharing of findings, history, medication plans, etc., as well as online consultations and prescriptions refills, thus saving costs and increasing the quality of their health care.

With the release of the AIM, the native cryptocurrency, Aimedis is now also an interesting investment object for investors: the AIM token, of which a total of 600 million will be fed into the system, will in future become the crypto currency for all payments within the global Aimedis platform. This means that hundreds of thousands, or millions of international patients in just a few years, will pay for doctor services, prescriptions and drug orders with AIM tokens, of which 300 million are currently available for purchase at a nominal price of $ 0.12.

Investors can easily figure out what it means to settle thousands of consultations and refill thousands of recipes daily with the AIM: the value of the token will increase in line with the trading volume. As a calculation example, let us imagine that in 2019 medical services, prescriptions and drugs worth $ 300 million will be billed worldwide via Aimedis: With a volume of only 600 million tokens, that would mean that each token will be worth at least $ 0.50! And in this model, the millions of tokens that are not on the market but held in their accounts by "healthy" patients, are not even included.

With the issuance of the AIM cryptocurrency, Aimedis will receive $ 36 million, that Aimedis will directly invest into development and sales, to attract patients and health care providers worldwide for use of the system, states CEO Mr. Michael J. Kaldasch. Based on these facts, the US currency portal Paymentweek.com concludes that the AIM-ICO could be very well worthwhile for investors looking for the "next bitcoin". Also, the ICO benchmarking portal ICObenchmark.com rates the AIM-ICO with 4.6 points out of a possible 5, making it the currently best-rated eHealth ICO on its platform.

Investors wishing to participate in the development of the AIM can buy AIM now, exclusively at BRIC INVEST until June 26 with a presale bonus of 35% - thus receiving 11.25 AIMs per invested dollar instead of 8.33 AIMs! These tokens can then not only be used within the system after completion of the market entry on September 5, 2018, but will also be freely tradable on various stock exchanges worldwide.

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